EU Residency

Alternative citizenship through a solid investment

In our insecure ever-changing world acquiring alternative citizenship can become a particularly wise decision as well as an investment for the future. In the era of globalization, the citizenship investment programmes offered by some countries can provide an excellent opportunity to become a “citizen of the world”. Dual or multiple citizenships is an effective means of tax planning and ensures financial confidentiality for banking and investment operations.

Personal security, access to insurance, medical, educational and other services, freedom to live, work and become a tax resident in various countries, and the availability of all these benefits for future generations also play an important role.

In most cases, the investment component in such programmes is present only nominally, with the investor’s main purpose being obtaining citizenship. However, with competent and balanced approach participation in an investment programme can become a part of the investment strategy, in which investments and their financial performance are primary, and obtaining citizenship is an additional “bonus” to investments.

Our Capabilities

  • A unique C2B & B2B multiplatform system drives new opportunities
  • Buy, sell, rent, let property
  • Property management services
  • Private sales & off-market properties
  • Development & investment opportunities
  • Citizenship through investment programmes
  • Expertise in innovative finance
  • A blockchain-enabled platform
  • Asset tokenisation
  • Crowdfunding
  • Integrated legal services

What’s unique about MillGens International Real Estate?

Using our multiplatform content, commerce and marketing expertise, we specialise in creating motivated audiences who buy and invest in luxury real estate, all around the world.

To match demand, we’ve created a seamless property e-commerce platform for commercial partners who want to engage this market of private-to-corporate leads, with a halo of cutting-edge capabilities that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our solutions fit both UHNW partners trading at scale and those taking their first steps into the sector.

Our Multiplatform System Drives New Opportunities

  • A lifestyle approach to marketing & services: MillGens Media & MillGens Marketplace contextualises real estate, travel, experiences & the art of living well – including newsletters & events delivering opportunities, promotions & content
  • Reach our HNW private members’ club audience

How we create opportunities for partners

  • A fast response to trends: attract sales from UK & Chinese millennials seeking citizenship in a post-Brexit landscape, through our integrated property & legal expertise.
  • Innovative financing options: our platform is blockchain-enabled & we’re experienced financiers who know how to encourage both top tier & smaller investors through asset tokenisation, crowdfunding and more.
  • Access a growing public & private network of affluent audiences: our multiplatform portfolio includes MillGens Media, MillGens Marketplace (art & collectables), & MillGens Private Members’ Club.
  • Turn audiences into leads: we’ll enable your cross-PLATFORM selling & promotional activities via our content, marketing & commerce expertise.
  • We’re committed to creating a new standard of service: by combining the best of digital and human intelligence to minimise costs and find speedier solutions, for both partners and their clients.

What’s unique about MillGens International Real Estate?

We’ve created a new breed of Real Estate platform for our audiences and private club members, designed to take the stress out of buying, selling, renting, letting or relocating, anywhere in the world.

To speed the process, minimise costs and elevate the entire experience, we’ve wrapped a halo of management, legal, investment and funding expertise around these services for MillGens customers – to flex around your lifestyle and fulfill your goals.


  • The best of digital & human intelligence at your fingertips
  • A secure, blockchain-enabled marketplace
  • A global sales service – from valuation to marketing to after-sales care
  • Discover hard-to-find & unlisted property to buy or rent
  • Seamless concierge services – for your home or investment property
  • Comprehensive lettings management
  • Relocation & citizenship programmes
  • Learn how to invest in real estate or expand your portfolio
  • Innovative finance options, including asset tokenisation & crowdfunding
  • Exclusive offers for private club members

Comprehensive Services

  • Buy, sell, rent, let property
  • International sourcing
  • Property marketing
  • Private sales
  • Property management
  • Concierge services
  • Property development & investment opportunities
  • Immigration expertise
  • Tax, legal & financial expertise
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