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Our tailored programmes not only connect your brand with our influential audiences but unleash powerful connectivity too. Partners are digitally enabled to reach and transact with audiences and potential customers – driving brand awareness, and in turn, sales.

MillGens Market Partner

Innovative E-commerce & Multiplatform Distribution

This programme accelerates growth and sales for partners via custom storytelling – where we engage audiences and draw them through our platforms, on an artfully elevated e-commerce journey. With access to MillGens Media and social channels, plus MillGens Marketplace and our private sales capacity, this integrated partnership programme connects brands and audiences to instant commerce. It’s the solution for new and heritage luxury labels, premium art, real estate, travel and health businesses, and companies beginning to scale. With a range of analytics solutions, partners also stay on the pulse of channel and marketplace performance, and new opportunities.

We significantly contribute to the success of world-class brands’ online retailing growth through the use of advanced Smart Content Solution, Omni-Channel and Multi-platform Content & Product Distribution, and Audience Connectivity.

The most incredible Brand&Products in the World cannot boost revenue if nobody sees it. One of the world’s most valuable resources today is content and we know how to extract the value of it for the benefit of our Partners.

MillGens Marketplace

MillGens Marketplace is the first e-commerce platform to accept digital money, as we challenge the status quo by revolutionising online shopping. Here, members and the public can explore art, rare collectables, luxury watches and fashion. For our members, the Marketplace is a place to enjoy special access to events and exclusive offers – from trunk shows to world-first launches to personal shopping. While partners have the opportunity to showcase products directly to our audiences through online/offline experiences.

MillGens Club

Our luxe-digital membership platform is a gateway to the very best knowledge-driven services and experts in the world, across mind-body health and wellness, art collecting, travel, tech, networking and more – including selected concierge services too. Online or offline, we invite our community to explore exceptional personalised offers, events and experiences that will enrich life on a daily basis.

Your own e-commerce page

A customisable and feature-rich page for your brand including:

  • View and add sellers and marketplace users
  • Create listings to sell items
  • Invite users to view your items for sale
  • Chat to potential buyers
  • Set alert options
  • View pricing and commission information

Cross-platform selling opportunities

Our partners benefit from the brand-to-brand relationships they establish within our ecosystem, making it easy to expand networks for cross-selling and cross-promoting opportunities.

MillGens Reporting

Receive a breakdown of online activity and performance. Plus wrap-up reports within 30 days of campaigns ending.

MillGens Marketplace & Private Sales

  • Marketplace Partners’ Portal
  • Tailored e-commerce
  • Stock up to 25 listings per category
  • Event selling
    • Trunk shows
    • Special edits
    • Exclusive offers
  • One-to-one sales
  • Your BrandView Directory Page

Global selling, seamless services

MillGens Marketplace offers some of the world’s finest products and experiences. From art, jewellery, cars, real estate and collectables to health and wellness services, it becomes a searchable global inventory of sought after items, backed by integrated services and technology. Both Marketplace and MillGens Private Sales offer incomparable services to a global clientele who want to invest in a best-ever lifestyle.

MillGens partnerships are entirely collaborative and done through an application process.

To join our partnership programme is to empower your company with cutting-edge expertise and services, access an ever-growing audience and customer base, and enjoy growth.

We offer your brand a range of tailored partnership programmes that connect you with our influential audience and not only enables brand partners to digitally reach the relevant and chosen audience but also unleashes powerful connectivity with MillGens engagement and the ability to transact with potential end-customers, causing a dramatic increase in brand awareness and eventually in sales.

Your Invitation To Partner With Us

Join us as we journey into a new era of luxury commerce. Apply today.

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