Time For All of us To Start Thinking and Planning Ahead

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Planning your route out of lockdown and back to operations is the best thing you can do right now. Image credit: Alvaro Reyes, Unsplash.

Defining your way out of lockdown while planning and preparing for change

If your organisation is going to be different in six months’ time, what will it look like?

What shape will it be?

How will it be ready for the likely profound recession to come?

How will you be differentiated, when everyone is fighting to their last for market share?

Going about redefining what you do

While our day-to-day work is about how to triple revenue (the 2Y3X Programme almost always doubles, and sometimes triples, revenue over its two-year span), my own sweet spot is value proposition development. All the companies we work with become famous for what they do.

In expressing your new proposition in the context of a radically different world, how will you be defined? Are you planning who you can logistically be, what you can be best at, what your positioning will be as compared to everyone else, in the eyes of the newly minted customer with their freshly reevaluated strategy?

Letting go of pre-COVID-19 habits is the first step to planning your next steps

We have already started working with new clients who are bravely looking to the future and recognising that what they were before may no longer be fit for purpose. There’s a new way coming. Working with our wonderful team of volunteers, Eva, Ali, Owen, Sarah, David, Ehtasham, Polly, Lincoln, Mo, Vonnie and Tim, and working with a feast of pro bono clients to refine it, we developed a short-form version of the 2Y3X Programme.

The programme is delivered in just over three months, and easily affordable by those in crisis mode. So while we’ve been helping those in need free of charge, we are preparing to launch the 2Y3X QuickMap programme to get companies back on their feet fast.

Using foresight to help accelerate post-lockdown planning

The really prescient, those with real foresight, realise that round that bend, the one they can already see when they lift their sights, there may be an opportunity to accelerate. These are the owners of the road. They are the ones who are planning to do their strategy workshops, to do their scenario mapping, to create their plans of action. To set their position, get in gear, and ready themselves for an as yet unseen – but certainly coming – future.

We’re not nearly there yet, at the apex of the road. That’s likely two months, maybe even six, away. But at the bend we need to be ready; ready to do our controlled turn so we can smoothly come out faster the other side.

Our people need to be ready, our fellow travellers, colleagues, new working styles and kids and all. If all you do right now is plan to make a plan, you will have started to make ready for when you will need to be ready. Along the way you will have beaten the tedium, you’ll have sat forward rather than waiting for it to wash you away, you will be prepared… and ready to press the accelerator.

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