Fashion Tips: How to Craft your Made-to-Measure Suit

Made-to-measure suit

Made-to-measure suit (Alexandra Wood)

Investing in your style will reward you tenfold, says top Savile Row tailor Alexandra Wood – and here she reveals her top advice about how to turn heads in a good way, and why you need a made-to-measure suit

First thing’s first: here’s why you should invest in a made-to-measure suit. There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to invest in a made-to-measure suit, and I know you won’t want to miss out on just how great you could look. When done correctly, your new suit will become your trusted wardrobe friend, making you look more confident, stylish, and professional. I’ve outlined all you need to know.

By its very nature, a made-to-measure suit is a vehicle for subtly communicating your personal style to the world. With a perfect fit and details customised to your preferences, you have far more control of your look than if you chose a ready-to-wear suit.

What Is A Made-To-Measure Suit?

A made-to-measure-suit is made from an existing ‘block’ that is modified to fit you in a way that is far superior to a ready-to-wear. Your suit will be designed exclusively for you, with your body shape, skin tone and lifestyle in mind. Nothing makes buying a suit more painless than handing the task over to someone with experience, expertise and a passion for making you look amazing.

You can expect your made-to-measure suit to be fully made, as if a ready-to-wear suit, but created to your specific requirements around a classic design, with extra attention to the details that really count. While a wide lapel may work on one man, it may not on another. Having a suit designed that flatters and fits only you is what makes the real difference.

Your Life – Your Style

Taking inspiration from others is an important part of creating your own style. Best-selling author, GQ columnist and an Alexandra Wood customer, Tony Parsons said: “Find a man whose style you like, then find out who made his clothes.” I believe GQ is one of the best resources to use when finding inspiration for men’s style. Don’t be afraid to develop a style that is unique to you.

Style starts from inspiration; it doesn’t end there. Exploring what colours, cuts, textures, and styles make you look your best are key to making a real impact. If we try to replicate the style of those who we admire entirely, we quite often fail, looking like we are trying too hard. Your style should look and feel effortless. By all means take inspiration from many different sources but aim to be the most amazing version of yourself. Choosing the colours that will ignite your skin tone, the cut that will flatter and a luxury fabric and you’re halfway there to getting a really great, made to measure suit. 

As I like to say: “Get dressed, turn heads – otherwise, what’s the point?”

Wear What Works For You

To help guide you, think about where you work. What is your dress code? How do you wish to present yourself? What do you feel comfortable wearing? And because style doesn’t start and finish at work – tailoring can be worn outside the office – also think about where you go on the weekend. This will help you build your own personal activity profile that will help you think cleverly about what you really need in your wardrobe. 

Age is no barrier to style, but it deserves respect. Style and age relevancy is a strange one: no one wants to try and look like they’re trying to be in their twenties when they’re heading into their forties, but you don’t want to look out of date either. Classic styles generally work better, so create a wardrobe base of clean lines, minimal flashy details and great fabrics with an impeccable cut. Then mix in pieces and accessories in your favourite colours and textures to reflect your personality. 

You will know you’ve found your personal style when it enhances both how you look and feel. An outfit may look incredible on, but it also needs to feel comfortable – an element that can often be missed or compromised. 

Your Suit – Your Style

The world is your oyster, as they say, when it comes to choosing the style of your suit. With a made-to-measure suit, a stock size pattern is usually adjusted for the customer, using basic measurements which are entered into a computer programme for cutting in a workshop. 

However, so much has changed over the years with made to measure technology that is much more advanced, now allowing you to define many of the style elements of your suit. In some instances, you would have only been able to be able to create a standard suit, made, with certain degrees of pocket angle. Now you can choose from a shawl, peak, or notch lapel in any width you like; skinny trousers; trousers with volume; or a straight cut.  

A great made-to-measure suit should balance your body shape to perfection and help you to create your own personal blueprint for suits you may have made in the future. 

All being said and done, we’re confident that if you really invest in your suit and style, it will always pay for itself tenfold.

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