MillGens Marketplace is a New Era of Luxury Commerce

A New Way To Buy, Sell & Invest

MillGens Marketplace is a new hub for e-commerce innovation. Our fiat and blockchain-enabled platform combine a traditional approach to securing art, design and collectables – calling on experts who can advise on how and what to buy, or when to sell – alongside the ease and transparency of digital tools and finance.

A Curated Emporium

Discover what’s trending globally through our online gallery and exclusive insights. Savour fine art, limited edition fashion, collectables, jewellery, watches, rare and bespoke items, up to and including one-off and vintage cars. For those who’d like one-to-one help, our Private Sales team is on hand to help start or build any personal collection.

Exclusive Member Offers

Those who belong to our membership platform, The Club, will enjoy world-first and exclusive offers from the finest brands and galleries around the globe. Expect VIP invitations to trunk shows, trend and new-to-market reports, first refusal on selected items, and member-only online art courses and collectors’ events.

Exclusive Member Offers


From contemporary to post-war to pre-20th century, explore key art movements.


From daguerreotypes to fine art prints to digital, discover what’s collectable now.
Grecian male statue looks up on red background


Abstract, ceramic, minimalist, classical – venture into the tactile world of sculpture.
black and gold roman numeral analog clock

Jewellery & Watches

Uncover fine jewellery and vintage watches that mark the evolution of design.
woman wearing pink long-sleeved dress standing inside building


From vintage couture to iconic modern pieces, enjoy a tour of landmark fashion.


Journey through technology, taste and design with vintage and special edition cars.
close-up photography of bookcase

Rare Collectables

Unwrap the provenance and stories behind the world’s rarest collectables.

Trunk Show Diary

Don’t miss the most intriguing online/offline trunk shows of 2020.
group of people inside museum

Marketplace Events

Join us for illuminating discussions, expert panels, virtual learning and visual feasts.

More From MillGens

The Art of Happiness

Join co-founder and wellbeing expert Dr Angelina Papadopoulou for an Art of Happiness workshop on 26 June. Featuring leading wellness practitioners, we’ll examine holistic routes to resilience building, everyday mindfulness and glowing health.

Exceptional Partners

The finest collectables in the world are brought to our audience network across media, membership, real estate and marketplace platforms by a portfolio of expert partners. Speak to our team if you’d like to know more about how we support our partners through expert storytelling and unique cross-platform opportunities.
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